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Mission Statement

A Little Heart is a 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization located in The Plains, Virginia. Our mission is to help children in the greater Fauquier County area who lack the resources they need to be successful.


  • Working in collaboration with established organizations to identify at-risk youth and their needs.
  • Providing nutritional lunches and healthy snacks to schools through our Project Lunch Box and Project Healthy Snacks. Even with government programs in place, there are children going hungry at school. When children have the basic need of food provided for, they can focus on learning rather than hunger pangs.
  • Offering comfort along with access to educational materials to children in crisis situations, through our Project Sweet Dreams.

WE PROMISE to keep overhead expenses low, so we can use your donations for A Little Heart programs. All our staff are volunteers, there are no paid positions.

WE PROMISE to be transparent and accountable for every dollar you give.

The Principal at Brumfield Elementary School says:

"Thank you for your generous gift! The funds provided by A Little Heart’s Project Lunch Box have given relief to almost 30 children at Brumfield Elementary. Even on a reduced fee schedule, so many of our families struggle to provide the funds necessary throughout the school year. The grant not only reduces the financial burden but also the emotional burden for a family who cannot pay off a child’s account. The funds also allow school personnel the freedom to provide the healthy meal of the day without having to worry the child about payment."

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P.O. Box 127
The Plains, VA 20198
Phone: 703-536-0240

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